Oct 20, 2011

Do You Like Chocolate?


I absolutely adore chocolate so as you can imagine when I stumbled upon this post by the amazingly talented AmberLee of Giver's Log, my taste buds swooned. 

I also learned that Amber and I have a neat connection: not only did we participate in the Kirtsy, Sunday Afternoon Craft Projects slideshow together, but we both have a fondness for the beautiful country of Venezuela. My husband and Amber's father are both from Venezuela. We just discovered this recently when she posted about her father and Venezuelan chocolate on her blog.

Small world!

Amber is incredible. Her ideas are always so inspiring. For example, she has a really great series called "13 Ounces or Less" where she comes up with super fun things to mail in 13 ounces or less! 

Wouldn't it be a blast to open your mailbox and find this awesome disguise waiting for you?


Okay, so tell me, are you still thinking about that chocolate? 

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Diana Mieczan said...

Ohh my goodness, yes! I love chocolate so much:) Goigng to check out her blog right now. Have a wonderful Friday morning, sweetie. xo

Caroline said...

Diana, you will love her blog. She is really talented and SUPER nice and genuine as well. :)

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Definitely thinking of chocolate. I'm going to check out her blog now.

Rebecca said...

That is so cool...the package. Checking out the chocolate. AND, have you guys gone back to visit his family or does his family live nearby now?

karen said...

Oh wow - beautiful, delectable, rich hot chocolate - just in time for the holidays! Thanks Caroline...

Sue said...

Yes, I am still thinking about the chocolate. And I am on my way over to see what it's all about!